Sunday, September 9, 2018

  Happy Anniversary, Fishers of Men!

Fifteen years….what a privilege, what a joy, what a testimony, what a celebration!

From the driveway of the home in which I grew up in Michigan to a mountainside in Mexico;  

Refuge Ranch today
from one toddler to twenty children; 

Josiah and I nearly 15 years ago!


from just a call from God and some dreams, to the reality of kilometers traveled, thousands of prescriptions written and Bibles given, buildings constructed, 
staff joining forces and lives transformed, 
these fifteen years, as I look back, can only be summarized in one word…

The consummation of one prayer at a time,
 one peso at a time, 
one kilometer at a time, 
one soul at a time, 
one hug at a time, 
one schoolwork question at a time, 
one tear at a time, 
and one day
 (sometimes one minute and even one second) at a time, 
has brought us to now.

So, celebrate we will!

Our 15th anniversary celebration will take place on Saturday, October 20th, 2018 at a Christian Bible college only five minutes from Refuge Ranch here in Central Mexico!

The anniversary celebration location
Now, some of you just stopped reading and thought:  “Nope.  Not possible.”  Please, just read on and let the possibility of joining us for this celebration play around in your mind and heart and prayers.

That afternoon and evening we will join together: my family, the Refuge Ranch staff, our Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusade volunteers and YOU, to sing praises to the Lord for all that He has done, in Spanish and English, as well as hear His Word and the story of these years, in both languages.  We will share a delicious dinner and fellowship that crosses borders and barriers.  A Fishers of Men mini-museum will introduce you to and highlight different aspects of both the Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades and Refuge Ranch.

But, that’s not all!

We have designed a weekend full of activities that will give you an excellent taste of Mexican culture as well as getting to experience Fishers of Men firsthand!  The itinerary includes a visit to some incredible pyramids, the world’s best tacos, a day immersed at Refuge Ranch with the family and joining us for Sunday worship, among other things.

We suggest you fly into Mexico City on Thursday, October 18 and back out on Tuesday, October 23, in order to take full advantage of your time here! 

Only $200.00 will cover all your ground transportation, lodging (at the Bible college), meals and activity expenses for the entire weekend!

If you’ve never visited us before this is the perfect opportunity to see the ministry in action, without doing a full-fledged mission trip.

Have a friend you’ve wanted to introduce to Fishers of Men?  I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to spend a weekend with us!

Been here before?  Come back!  See what God has done!  And dream with us about all He has yet to do!

I’ll be looking for your email at
or your Facebook/Messenger message at Julie Claassen or Fishers of Men Mexico
or your phone call at: (734) 206-2392
to find out more details, or to let us know you are coming!