Monday, June 29, 2009

National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (NACCC) Meeting

Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin! I am enjoying a long weekend here representing Fishers of Men during my home church's annual denominational meeting. Fishers of Men receives no funding from the NACCC, but we are what they consider a recommended mission. This basically means that the denomination has given us the stamp of approval for their churches to support us on an individual basis.

I have a stand with information about Fishers of Men in the resource room where people can come by, pick up information and ask questions. Yesterday I was able to give a short 10 minute presentation about Fishers of Men during one of the workshop sessions. My focus has been on meeting as many people as possible and plant seeds about what the Lord is doing in Mexico through Fishers of Men. We trust the Lord to make those seeds grow! Please pray that the contacts I have made here can result in new churches and individuals supporting Fishers of Men through their prayers, their giving and coming to Mexico on a missions team.

Since my father is a pastor in the congregational association, he and Mom are here with me this weekend! They have been great promoters of Fishers of Men, of course, and it has been a blast to spend time with them in the hotel room, at meals, etc. It's nice to get spoiled by your parents a bit!

Thank you for your prayers and continue to pray that the contacts being made this weekend may be fruitful!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to the Fishers of Men blog!

We are excited about this opportunity to share more about the ministry and our lives with you! Here you will get more of an "in-sider's" view of the day to day ministry of Fishers of Men! You will hear from many of our staff members and work groups as we do what the Lord has called and willed us to do in Mexico! We hope you enjoy and we look forward to hearing your comments too!