Monday, May 15, 2017

Zaragoza Family Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you may recall, last October a team of five Godly men, composed of Pastor Kirk Hanger (the founding pastor of our church here in Mexico), Pastor Ruben Bonilla (our current pastor), Pastor Dave Claassen, Elder Dan Claassen and Elder Adrian Tovar, formed an intervention team that confronted Victor Zaragoza with unrepentant sin present in his life and encouraged him to spend a time of restoration in the United States, under the leadership of Pastor Kirk and his wife, Marilyn, while working with a Christian therapist. 

Victor’s visa allowed him to stay a maximum of six months, which has now expired.  Therefore, he returned to Mexico on Monday, April 24th, where the restoration process continues.

As a part of this process, Victor is not living at the Ranch, but rather with his parents, while maintaining communication and visitation with the children.  He will also not be attending our same church.

As far as the crusade ministry, according to the decision of the Fishers of Men Board of Directors and the intervention team, Victor has agreed to not be in charge of nor participate in the crusades.  Adrian Tovar will continue to lead that portion of the ministry.

So, Julie Zaragoza, under the leadership of the Fishers of Men Board of Directors, now holds the position of General Director of Fishers of Men Ministries, Inc., which includes both Refuge Ranch and the Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades, with Adrian Tovar serving as the Crusade Coordinator.

We thank the Lord that in these last 6 months, both ministries of Fishers of Men have continued to fulfill God’s plans and purposes!  At Refuge Ranch, the construction of the new main house continues to move forward!  In the last 6 months, we have poured over 60 columns and the entire first floor and are now working on all of the first floor headers!  Of course, the focus of Refuge Ranch is not on building a house, but the lives of our children.  Each of the 13 children at home, and the four children that live elsewhere, continue to grow, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually!  As for the Evangelistic Medical Mission Crusades, we finished out the 2016 calendar as planned and, by God’s grace so far in 2017, we have held five crusades and a two day volunteer training retreat.

We continue asking for your prayers for our family, for Victor, and for the ministry as we walk through this next stage of life, seeking the Lord’s full restoration in each of our lives, in our family, and His continued grace and power in the ministry!

In Christ,

Julie Zaragoza – Fishers of Men General Director
Bob Siler – Fishers of Men Board President
Don Current II – Fishers of Men Board Treasurer
Ashleigh Weis – Fishers of Men Board Secretary

Jen Yoder – Fishers of Men Board Member