Monday, May 7, 2018

All in a Day's Ministry

It has taken me over a week to even begin to digest all the happenings of last Wednesday and Thursday, April 25 and 26, 2018, even just enough to be able to share with you in a coherent way!  I will try, despite the lump that still wells up from my heart to my throat. 

Overwhelming….those days were, simply put, overwhelming!  Overwhelmed by: God’s goodness, His faithfulness, His generosity, the confirmation of the call, His presence in the midst of great joy and great trial, a funky mixture of fear and security, of responsibility and rest, a strange trust while feeling like you are jumping into the unknown….again!

The summary: on the same day, we brought home the new 15 passenger van, signed guardianship papers for two new children, continued to enjoy the weeklong stay of a 9 member work team from Michigan and faced continued challenges and consequences stemming from the past.

Now, piece by piece: We praise the Lord continuously for His faithfulness and generosity expressed through you by providing for the purchase of a 2014, 15 passenger van for use on both the crusades and for the family at Refuge Ranch!  After just a few months since we found the vehicle that met our needs, the Lord made it possible to bring the new van home!  Driving to church on Sunday with all of my children in seatbelts, without the fear of the van breaking down at any moment, not having to listen to every gear shift, roar of the motor or other sounds and questioning what may be happening, and not having to shout over the shake, rattle and roll of the suspension and other various sundry parts of the old van, was priceless!  I cannot wait for our crusade team to enjoy their first crusade in a trustworthy vehicle!  They will arrive so much more rested and ready to serve!  Thank you, for your prayers and for your giving!

My first trip in the van with some of the kids to a children's event at church!  Wonderful....just wonderful!

As for the children, it gives me great joy and pleasure to introduce you to my new daughter and son!  Harumi (ha-roo-mee) is 7 years old and Crhistopher (I did not spell his name wrong.  It was spelled that way on his birth certificate, so we are stuck having to teach it to him that way and use it that way ourselves!) is 5 years old.  They are originally from the State of Oaxaca, but were currently living with their mother in our same town.  The Lord knows their circumstances, even better than I, since at times it is difficult to sort out the truth.  It is, for me, a great honor and privilege that He has chosen me as their adoptive mom, knowing that, from my mother’s womb, He created me for little ones such as these!  What a peace to know that where He calls He will provide the love, wisdom, strength and resources to raise them up to His honor and glory!

Me and my kids....Crhistopher and Harumi!
In the Lord’s perfect timing, our family’s annual vacation was scheduled for this week!  So, we LOVED travelling with a safe, well-running and air-conditioned van and are now fully enjoying getting to know each other in a relaxed and beautiful environment before jumping into school and daily life together.

The work team that the Lord sent last week was such a blessing and balm for our souls during such tumultuous days.  They just kept on keeping on plastering the walls of the new house, which is now more needed than ever, as well as doing other home improvement projects on our current home.  In the midst of all the work, they took plenty of moments to hand our family encouraging notes, smiles and lots of hugs!  So, their presence strengthened the physical aspect of the ministry, as well as our souls!  Thank you!

Whiteford Wesleyan Church Work Team
Finally, we know that sin can have long lasting consequences, and Thursday afternoon felt like Exhibit A in a court of “Proofs of the Consequences of Sin.”  I cannot go into details, but would be negligent in sharing about the wonderfulness of Thursday, new children, a new vehicle, and a work team, without sharing the opposing bookend of fear and brokenness that the enemy wanted to use to kill and destroy.  After my feeble human heart cries and trembles in facing such circumstances, it does eventually remember God’s truths that stand as a rock in the midst of the storm:  He will never leave us nor forsake us; He sends his angels to protect us; He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world; we are to love our enemies and conquer evil with good.

My kids (the ones that live at home) and the new van!  Many more blessings than I can count!

 And, that was, all in a day’s worth of ministry!