Friday, March 16, 2018

New Wheels for Fishers of Men

Taking the good news of Jesus Christ to towns and villages around Mexico requires....wheels!

Taking my children, the children of Refuge Ranch, to church each week requires....wheels!

We have the need, and opportunity, to purchase a set of new-to-us wheels (no worries...they come attached to a 15 passenger van)!

The need? 

Our current vehicle is a 1996 Ford Club Wagon 15 passenger van with over 280,000 miles on it.  None of the doors open from the outside (we open the sliding window, put our hand through, open the side door, get in, open the front passenger door, lean over and open the driver's door).  It has only a few seatbelts and has begun to suffer many mechanical problems that make us question the wisdom of pouring more resources into such a vehicle.

The opportunity?

A 2014 Ford 15 passenger van with only 22,000 miles on it!  And...all the doors work! has 15 seatbelts!  And...four new Michelin tires! runs smoothly! is new enough that it would circulate everyday in Mexico City in order to pick up work teams, go on family outings, take to purchase equipment for crusades, etc. (In Mexico, emissions laws determine that vehicles older than a certain year are restricted from entering city limits one day of every week.)

After test driving the vehicle, and talking to the dealer, they allowed us to reserve the van with an initial payment of $2600.00 dollars.  OUR MEXICAN CRUSADE VOLUNTEERS CAME TOGETHER AND DONATED THAT INITIAL PAYMENT!  We rejoice in watching how the Lord has given them sacrificial hearts and hands to help meet this need, since they experience the need for more reliable transportation on EVERY crusade.  Many crusade trips turn into much longer travails due to vehicle issues, not to mention the unsafe conditions of our current van.

So, the van is ready to come home to Refuge Ranch as soon as we pay it off!  The dealer has given us until the first week of April with no interest to finish purchasing the vehicle.

The total cost, including one year's worth of insurance and registration fees is:  $20,850.00.  Of this cost, our Mexican volunteers have given, so far, $2650.00.

Therefore, the outstanding balance needed to bring the van home is:


Let's enjoy watching more and more of the van turn blue with your support!

You may give your designated donation towards this opportunity online at:

Or by mailing a check marked "van" to:

Fishers of Men
P.O. Box 940
Shelbyville, IN 46176

Let's get the wheels rolling so that the Gospel message can keep going!

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